Function Analysis Phase

Function definition and analysis is the heart of Value Methodology. It is the primary activity that separates Value Methodology from all other “improvement” practices. The objective of this phase is to develop the most
beneficial areas for continuing study. The team performs the following steps:

  1. Identify and define both work and sell functions of the product, project, or process under study using active verbs and measurable nouns. This is often referred to as Random Function Definition.
  2. Classify the functions as basic or secondary
  3. Expand the functions identified in step 1 (optional)
  4. Build a function Model – Function Hierarchy/Logic or Function Analysis System Technique (FAST) diagram.
  5. Assign cost and/or other measurement criteria to functions
  6. Establish worth of functions by assigning the previously established user/customer attitudes to the functions.
  7. Compare cost to worth of functions to establish the best opportunities for improvement
  8. Assess functions for performance/schedule considerations
  9. Select functions for continued analysis
  10. Refine study scope