Value Quiz #01

  1. The overarching objective of a value study is to improve the value of the project. (True/False)
  2. Value Engineering Job Plan consists of 4 stages process. (True/False)
  3. Value workshop applies (Four-Six-Seven) phase job plan. (choose)
  4. The first phase of value workshop is (Brainstorming-Creative-Information). (Choose)
  5. The Value study team is (single-multi) disciplinary group. (Choose)
  6. VE team filters and select those ideas the offer the potential for value improvement. This is during (Evaluation phase-Creative phase-Functional Analysis phase). (Choose)
  7. ASTM standard for value methodology is …….. (complete).
  8. Value workshop leader is (CVS-VMA) . (choose)
  9. Value World is the primary publication produced by SAVE International® and mailed to members (weekly-monthly). (choose)
  10. Value Analysis (VA), Value Engineering (VE), and Value Management (VM). These terms can be used interchangeably with value methodology. (True/False)